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The Numbers

$ 1
Liquid Financial Assets

A high net worth individual is classified as a person with over $1,000,000 in liquid financial assets.

High Net Worth Individuals

There are over 5.28 million high net worth individuals located in the United States.

The Producer Network

We are executive producing multiple film projects in conjunction with Gilded Cinema. These projects are budgeted between $500K and $10MM with amazing scripts, solid talent attachments, and key creatives involved.

Do you know anyone who might be interested in investing?

We have dynamite pitches, and if you introduce someone to us who invests in a project, you can get a producer credit (associate producer, co-producer, or even executive producer!) PLUS a fee up to 5%!

Think about it…

If you find someone who wants to invest $1MM in a project, we’ll write you a check for $50,000, just for making the connection!

The best part about it is, there’s no salesmanship required. You don’t need to worry about making presentations or knowing any information. We do all the heavy lifting.

You simply make the introduction and earn a fee based on their investments. It’s that simple!

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There are many benefits 


As a member of our network you will earn a producer credit (associate producer, co-producer, or even executive producer), on any film that one of your referrals invests in. This is both an on-screen credit during the credits sequence of the actual film as well as on IMDb and other industry databases.

Producer Fee

You will earn a producer fee of up to 5% on any film that you refer an investor to. You will be notified of the available fees for each project on a project-by-project basis. The fee is based on the amount that your referral invests into a given film.


An added bonus to this process is that you’ll gain valuable experience helping to finance films. This is experience that you’ll be able to put on your resume and use as a stepping-stone to your next position within the film industry.



High Net Worth Individuals

People you refer must be "high net worth individuals" meaning they earn over $300,000 per year or have a cumulative net worth of at least $1,000,000. This puts them in an "accredited investor" bracket that allows them to invest in our projects based on the various SEC requirements.

Direct Connections

You MUST have a direct connection to the people you refer to us. We are not looking for people to send us contact information of random people scraped from the internet. Having a prior relationship with the people you refer is crucial so that we can ensure that we are not breaking any SEC regulations.

Internet Access

The one physical requirement for joining this network is access to a computer with internet. This is simply because we ask you to loop us into emails with the contacts that you are referring to FilmFinancer. This is not an automated "affiliate program", but one where you will be interacting with us directly.

What Happens After I Join?

After you join, you will be sent information about individual projects that we are producing. You will be able to pick and choose which projects you’d like to approach your contacts with.

You’ll also receive an email swipe file that you can copy-and-paste to send to your group of contacts.

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Most frequent questions and answers

No, no prior experience or knowledge is required. This is simply a referral opportunity.

No, it is free to join! There are no costs associated with this membership whatsoever.

The producer’s fee is a commission for referring an investor. The actual percent varies based on the project and the contracts in place, but the average fee for our projects falls between 2.5% and 5%.

Fees are paid out upon completion of financing for a project.

This means that you may not get your fee right away. Once the project reaches its funding goal and goes into production, we will write you your check.

Don’t worry, we’ll stay in contact throughout the whole process, so you’ll know what’s going on and stay informed.

No, not at all. Your contacts will likely need to qualify as an “accredited investor”, but that requirement does not include any prior experience in the film industry.

No, you do not need to be located in Los Angeles. This can be performed remotely.

There are no obligations for your contacts to invest. 

If, however, none of your referrals invest, you will not receive the Associate Producer credit or a finder’s fee.