How It

This is a brief rundown of how the process works for our investors.

The Skinny

What Exactly Are You Signing Up For?

FilmFinancer is a database of investors looking to jump-start their path to the film industry. When you join, you will be asked for your email address and to submit your investor preferences such as; preferred genres, maximum per-project investment, experience, and interest level. 

There is no commitment to invest and there are no costs, hidden fees, or charges associated with being in the database.  Those who join the database are simply expressing interest and intent to invest, but are not obligated to invest, ever. 

There are not contracts with FilmFinancer and if you ever get tired of hearing from us, you can remove yourself from the database with one click. Simple as that!

Vetting Process

Where Do the Projects Come From?

The films and filmmakers come from our vast network of talented filmmakers that we have amassed over the years. Many of them are well-known and have made films for Netflix, Hulu, Lifetime, SyFy, Disney, Universal, Paramount, 20th Century Fox, and other major studios, networks and platforms.

Others are what we call emerging talent who have had major success at top tier film festivals such as Sundance, Toronto, Tribeca, and Cannes or have had successful indie releases through foreign sales agents and worldwide distributors.

We work directly with filmmakers to ensure that their projects are in tip-top shape before submitting them to investors.

We require all projects to have attached talent and above-the-line crew with a proven track record. Films must have a completed script with professional script coverage that can be provided to investors upon request.

Each project must have a PPM and business plan with a clear distribution path and solid financials that demonstrate the viability of the project and potential return on investment for FilmFinancer members.

The Process

What Happens After I Join?

The process is very simple. After you join and submit your preferences, you will be paired with projects that have met both your criteria and ours.

You will receive an email from us – typically with a video explaining the opportunity.

If you like what you see and want more info (i.e. the business plan, pitch deck, PPM, and script) you simply reply to the email to request it.

From there, once you decide that the project is a slam dunk and you are ready to commit to an investment, we will guide you through the process with the filmmakers and act as consultants.

You will have an investor agreement with the production company itself, and your investment will be put into an escrow account where it won’t be touched until the full budget is collected. 

Typically films will be broken up into shares, where investors can purchase one or more shares in the film and profits are split based on how many shares you have purchased.

The Reason

Why Should You Join?

The film industry is exciting and fun. We literally get to make magic happen on screen and transport audiences to new undiscovered worlds. 

As filmmakers, we provide a hugely valuable service that is often overlooked, and that is a momentary release from the stress, depression, or monotony of reality.

As an investor, you will play an integral part in the crafting of these projects and help to unearth untold stories that need to be told and share them to the world.

Beyond the creative, films have incredible upside potential financially. With that, they can also be very risky.

We always urge people not to invest money that they can’t live without. Meaning, we aren’t looking for people who are going to put themselves in financial trouble just to invest in a film. But, if you have some available funds and want to create something, make an impact, and support the arts, there’s no better medium than film (in our humble opinion).

**Be sure to take a look at the possible tax benefits to you through Section 181 of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act.


Most frequent questions and answers

FilmFinancer is a service that connects investors to emerging talent looking to finance their next projects, and it is very simple.

By signing up, you agree to receive emails from us letting you know about any projects currently looking for funding. If you see a project that seems like a good fit, we will put you in direct contact with the filmmakers. At no time do we ask for payment or a credit card. This service is totally free to you and you can remove yourself from the platform at any time.

We spend countless hours sourcing the most interesting, diverse, commercially viable projects helmed by the most visionary and talented filmmakers emerging on the scene to send to our investors.

That’s okay! The process is relatively simple and we will help you along the way.

FilmFinancer is completely free to use. Simply sign up with your email and submit a very brief questionnaire outlining your specific interests to create a target profile for our team to match you to more relevant projects.

Individual project investments can range from $1,000 to $10,000,000 and vary depending on the project.

The goal with FilmFinancer is to create lasting partnerships between filmmakers and investors, to further the art form and the independent film industry. In order for this to work, the investors must be totally satesfied with the experience. And while there are other benefits beyond making money, we believe that the best way to maintain these lasting relationships is to provide a service that is financially lucrative for both the filmmakers and the investors.

Investing in film is a risky proposition, but when profitable, films provide exponentially higher profit margins than almost any other investment type.

There are several options to consider when dealing with a film investment and taxes. See the info above on Section 181. Ask your tax professional about how these tax benefits affect you and how you can take advantage of them as an investor.

With the main benefit of creating profitable partnerships, the secondary benefits are just as appealing (in our opinion). These additional benefits are different for each film, but can include things like: invitations to exclusive events and premieres, on-set visits, walk-on roles, special credits on the film, and early access to the finished film.

There are several companies that finance films or create film funds, but we are the first of our kind to act as a liaison for investors to connect with filmmakers directly. 

Yes! This is not a fund or a trust. We do not invest in projects for you or on your behalf. You are not tied to anything simply by signing up.

Plus, as a member, you are not required to ever invest in any project. We simply send projects your way that fit your profile and YOU decide whether it’s an investment that you’d like to make.

FilmFinancer never charges an upfront fee for our service. Once a partnership is formed and a deal takes place, FilmFinancer takes a small industry standard finder’s fee of 7.5% of the total film budget and 5% of the film’s net revenue.

FilmFinancer was created by four-time Emmy-nominated duo Alex Darke & Trevor L. Nelson – the pair behind Gilded CinemaCinema Summit, the No-Budget Filmmaking podcast, and Fearless Filmmakers.

Our goal is to empower the indie filmmakers and tell important stories by bridging the gap between filmmaker and investor.