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We are opening up film submissions for qualified projects. Read the requirements below to see if your project qualifies, then click the button to submit it for consideration.

About the Process

The submission process is very simple. By clicking the “Submit Your Project” button below, you will be taken through a Submission Agreement that you must agree to before uploading your materials. After you agree, you will be able to upload your script, and all relevant additional documents.

After you submit, the FilmFinancer team will review your project and get back to with an answer.

Accepted projects will then enter into an Executive Producer agreement with Alex and Trevor from FilmFinancer

After the agreement is signed, we will create a strategy for financing your project as well as help complete your package with additional talent, distributor or sales agent partnerships, or co-productions.

Then, your project will be submitted to our pool of private investors and companies to raise the financing for your film.

*Note: Alex and Trevor from FilmFinancer act as non-exclusive Executive Producers and do not guarantee that they will raise any or all of your film’s budget.




Your project must be a film that qualifies as “feature length”. We set that at a minimum of 90-minutes.

Completed Script

The script must be completed. We are not currently looking at treatments, synopsis, or any ideas that are not formed into a full script.


All projects must be budgeted by a professional line-producer in order to be considered by FilmFinancer.

Talent Attached

Your project must be packaged with appropriate talent – meaning, “bankable” actors and experienced above-the-line crew.

Investment Ready

Your project must be investment ready with a formed LLC, Operating Agreement, Business Plan, and Private Placement Memorandum.

Marketing Materials

Your project must have a completed pitch deck. Additional materials such as concept art, key art, storyboards, or teaser trailers are a plus.

Ready to Submit?

If your film fits the above requirements, then your project is qualified to submit for potential financing through FilmFinancer. Click the button below to go through our Submission Agreement and upload your materials.


Some answers to our most frequent questions.

No, FilmFinancer is not a film fund and does not invest money in any projects. Alex and Trevor from FilmFinancer act as Executive Producers, helping to secure financing for your project through a network of private investors, co-productions, pre-sales, tax credits, and other avenues.

No, filmmakers retain ownership of their projects. Alex and Trevor take a small industry standard percent of the “Producer’s Pool” of the backend, as outlined in the Executive Producer Agreement that is sent to all approved projects.

FilmFinancer is simply an online platform for Alex Darke and Trevor L. Nelson’s company Gilded Cinema. 

Gilded Cinema makes money by taking a small industry standard percent of the financing that is brought to each project. This is NOT an upfront fee and is contingent upon Alex and Trevor’s ability to raise the financing for each film.

In addition, Gilded Cinema takes a small industry standard percent of the “Producer’s Pool” of the backend.

These fees are outlined in the Executive Producer Agreement that is sent to all approved projects.

Alex and Trevor will receive individual credits in the film based on their ability to raise funds for the project.

Gilded Cinema will receive a credit and potentially an animated company logo at the head of the film, contingent upon the level of financing raised for the film.

Each credit and the stipulations for receiving such credits are outlined in the Executive Producer Agreement that is sent to all approved projects.

Yes, a completed Submission Agreement is required in order to submit your project.

We do not accept submissions via email, in-person, phone, text, or any other correspondence other than the submission process outlined on this page.

In order to submit, you must click the button, agree to the terms of the Submission Agreement, and submit your materials via our online submission platform.

All other attempts will be ignored and immediately deleted.