At FilmFinancer, we understand that not all projects fit within our difficult requirements. We started this endeavor to further the production of independent cinema, no matter what the budget. That is why we have started the FilmFinancer Equipment Partnership.

The Numbers

$ 1
Average Camera Budget

The average camera budget for a $1,000,000 feature film is just over $70,000. Imagine what putting that extra money into your talent or post-production budget could do for your project.

Sundance Feature Films

42 out of 50 feature films at the 2019 Sundance Film Festival were shot on an Arri Alexa camera.

The Partnership

We are offering, to a select group of filmmakers, the opportunity to utilize a professional cinema camera system for the production of independent feature films in exchange for Executive Producer credit on the finished film and a small percent of the back-end revenue.

We know that a large deterrent for filmmakers getting started is a lack of resources – specifically professional equipment to jump to the next level.

We also know that it only takes one project to skyrocket someone’s career. We aim to help the emerging film community by providing camera equipment that may be otherwise unobtainable. 

The Package

There are many options out there for cameras, each has its own quirks and pluses. But, one camera system, the Arri Alexa, seems to stand above the rest in terms of quality, name recognition, and reliability. 

In fact, 8 out of 10 films nominated for the “Best Picture” Academy Award in 2019 were shot on Arri Alexa cameras AND 41 out of 50 features that screened at the 2019 Sundance Film Festival were shot on Arri Alexa cameras.

That is why we have chosen the Arri Alexa as our camera of choice to provide to emerging filmmakers through our Equipment Partnership. 


The camera package includes an Arri Alexa Plus, capable of shooting HD & 2K ProRes at up to 240fps and 2.8K ArriRAW (via an external recorder that is not provided).


The lens system included is the Sony CineAlta 4K prime set. This is a 6-lens set that includes a 20mm, 24mm, 35mm, 50mm, 85mm, and 135mm. 


For support, our system includes a Sachtler Video 18SB with Carbon Fiber Speed Lock Tripod Sticks plus an EasyRig 2.5 400N to help with those handheld shots.


We are including five 64GB SxS cards for internal recording of ProRes, ProResHQ or ProRes 4444 in HD or 2K. You can also record 2.8K ArriRAW with an external recorder.


The package includes a Cinetal Cinemage 24″ 10-bit full HD monitor that can load 3D LUTs, view four inputs with a quad split, and judge exposure with scopes.


We are including a Movcam follow focus plus a Redrock Micro wireless follow focus system. The system also includes Anton Bauer batteries and charger for the camera.

*Actual equipment provided may vary depending on availability.



Feature Film

At this point in time, the project you submit must be a feature film. We are not currently accepting submissions for shorts, pilots, series, or web content. We define a feature film as a single project with a run time of at least 90 minutes.

Los Angeles Production

Our company is located in Los Angeles, CA, and therefore so is our equipment. All applicants must be intending to shoot the entirety of their film in the Los Angeles area. We will not ship our equipment or allow our equipment to be transported beyond a 100 mile radius of Downtown Los Angeles.

Defined Start Date

Your film must have a start date. This means that you likely have the film cast and crewed. You have the locations secured, and the necessary financing in place to begin production on your project.

We require this for scheduling purposes. If your project does not have a start and end date at the time of submission, we will not be able to properly schedule the use of the equipment.

Fully Insured

We do require that your production has production and rental insurance for the duration of your project.

We will verify your insurance and require a Certificate of Insurance that lists us as "Additionally Insured".

What Happens If I'm Accepted?

If your film is accepted, and approved to receive the FilmFinancer Equipment Partnership you will receive an email from Alex and Trevor outlining the next steps. You will also be required to sign an Executive Producer Agreement stating that Alex and Trevor will receive Executive Producer credit on the finished film and 5% of the “Producer Pool” of the back-end revenue. You will then schedule a pick up time and drop off time for the equipment and submit all necessary insurance forms.

That’s it! Then you are ready to shoot.

Apply For the Partnership

Click the button below to apply for the partnership. You’ll be required to fill out a Submission Agreement and submit information about your project. Unfortunately due to a limited supply, we aren’t able to accept every project.


Most frequent questions and answers

Applicants must shoot their project in the Los Angeles area. We do not ship our equipment to outside areas.

In addition, the script must be finished, cast and crew in place, and financing secured. In other words, the film must be ready to shoot and have a set start-date and end-date at the time of submission.

This is simply due to scheduling issues. We cannot hold our equipment for projects that are not ready to shoot within 2-months of applying.

No, it is free to submit!

There are no upfront fees associated with the partnership.

Alex and Trevor simply ask for a Executive Producer credits in the film and a small percent of the “Producer’s Pool” of the back-end revenue.

This is outlined in the Executive Producer Agreement sent to all accepted applicants.

Yes. We are only supplying the camera equipment outlined above. All other equipment including lighting, grip, and other accessories will have to be obtained elsewhere.

Yes, we require all participants to have appropriate insurance to cover the replacement value of our equipment as a “rental”. Before we hand over the equipment, we will need a Certificate of Insurance from your insurance company that lists Gilded Cinema as “Additionally Insured”.

No. Only submissions sent via our online submission portal will be reviewed. All other forms of submission will be ignored and immediately deleted.

The Submission Agreement protects us from any claims that we have stolen your intellectual property.

We are developing and producing dozens of projects at any given moment. If you’ve ever seen a trailer for a film come out and said to yourself, “That’s my idea!”, you know that it is possible for more than one person to have the same idea.

It is likely that the projects we are developing bear some resemblance to other ideas out there. This is a mere coincidence.

By completing the Submission Agreement, you acknowledge that it is possible we are already developing an idea like yours, and by signing the agreement and submitting your project you waive your right to sue us, should we produce a project that is similar in any way to your project.